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be gentle. it's my first time

okay, i haven't posted here before, because i couldn't figure out how. but now i know how, so i'm introducing myself. my name is sarah kathleen -- sometimes i go by sarah, sometimes kathleen, and sometimes even kaffween. my favorite music is made by bikini kill, bratmobile, hole, l7, madonna, kylie minogue, cake, weezer, and save ferris. i secretly don't hate nsync (but i don't love them either, and would never buy any of their stuff), and i'm fairly well known as liking the spice girls. my favorite movies are all the 80s teen movies by john hughes and/or starring john cusack, and my favorite books are to kill a mockingbird and the great gatsby. my life goal is to be a freelance book editor or a journalist, so that i have time to pursue my passion of tourguiding. i really love giving tours.

i'm also a big nerd. not a computer nerd. just a nerd. i like school, and i like getting all As. i've cried over Bs before. even once an A-.
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