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"capitalism sucks"

hey everyone. it's your favorite flaming androgynist. my name is shell. uh. i'm all riot grrrrrrrrrrrl with like a million missing "r"'s in it. i tend to get ridiculous. i love kathleen hanna. and big al from the butchies. and clea duval.

bikini kill . julie ruin . le tigre . sleater-kinney . bratmobile . the distillers . tilt . amy ray . the butchies . team drecsh . save ferris . dance hall crashers . joan jett . among others.

um like. yeah! watch out. like totally freak me out. so i have my own community toooo! ;D i'm gonna take this time to.. advertise..
*cheap 50's comercial movies comes on.. MALE announcer voice over*

Are you tired of the same feminist community, always getting on your case for being a punk rock nothing? Well, have we got the community for you!
Brand new Sister Safety Pin! Good Housekeeping disapproved and dangerous for all ages. Kills mangy rodents and men, and infects all discrimative minds! So what are you doing sitting there? Come on, move your mouse and click your way to.. *females trio singing* Sister Saftey Pin!
*manquickspeakingwarningvoice* Sister Safety Pin is not responsible for any radical ideals or liberation that may come from use of this community. Repetitive use may cause an open mind if you are pregnant, not pregnant, or just dang human.

Okay. I'm sorry. Heh. Bored. Laaa! ;D But.. woo, ya gotta love that. So, thanks chickadee for letting me post here. Looks like a fun place. and I'm single, ready to mingle.
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