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"Flippin the bird, and flingin' it too"

Okay... so... i've been hesitating to write about it, cause i'm still so fucking shocked, but now's gooda time as ever... so here goes..

Some of you know that i worked at the GRAND OPENING at the new Kroger today. Well. I got fucking fired today too. LOL

There was a long line of customers, (I was working in the Deli)and these two older guys (the one dick looked about 40ish) totally mumbling shit about me in the center, and cutting me shitty looks, i heard them, i just acted like i didn't, they were talking about my tattoos and other shit. I was like 'oh great, whatever.' and kept on slicing the meat. (I'm a vegetarian, too, by the way, so this should tell you that i'm already not too pleased with the day's job placement) Well, it was their turn to order, so the deli manager asked them what they wanted (she's this short lil totally bitchy mexican lady)and she told me to slice the turkey. Just then, the dicky dude said "No, i want YOU to slice it, i don't want that DYKE touching my food!" I was like 'did he just say that....?' lol. and then, i was thinking the deli manager would have him removed from the store, but she was like 'okay SIR i'll slice it, how would you like it cut' and i lost it... lol i was like "SIR MY FUCKING ASS!" and i threw the turkey breast at him and hit him in the shoulder shouting "you slice it yrself motherfucker" and other random obsenities... LOL okay... i must've slightly overreacted. BUT. she should have done something. He had no fucking right to say that. And that's NEVER happened to me, so.... i guess i just... i don't know. The store manager escorted me out of the store and said "GO HOME, NOWWW" it sucked... sooo bad. :(

errrrrrr.... sorry, i had just totally had to share this..
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